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Project Description
A PHP class library to facilitate working with file system.

PHP has a rich set of functions for working with file systems (see File System Related Extensions). There are also several PEAR extensions related to file system management (see here), and, if you don't mind doing some googling, numerous home-grown projects, classes and functions are also readily available.

Of course, none of the above averted me from starting my own small project - a simple (and hopefully easy to use) class library that will make the daunting and cumbersome task of manipulating files and directories a breeze (or not). There is a class called UC_PHPFileSystem containing static functions for working with files and directories, another class called UC_PHPDirectory for working with individual directories and lastly, a class called UC_PHPFile that deals with individual files.

Once I get these three classes more or less working, I plan to extend the library with classes that cover streams and some other, but, let's take this one step at at a time.

This project is at a very, very, very early stage and I am an inexperienced PHP developer, so if you landed on this page while searching for a stable and thoroughly tested code to include in your critically important project, move on and save yourself a lot of headache.

On the other hand, if you like experimenting, I would be pleased to hear from you - comments, suggestions and contributions are welcome. If you have enough time on your hands, you are welcome to join the project.

Lastly, one major drawback while creating this project is that I am working on Windows, which means I am not able to test it on other PHP-friendly operating systems.

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